Poke Boats from Aquacruiser

The Poke Boat brand has been around for decades, and most of the original boats sold are still in use today. Our boats are made to be durable with the highest-quality Kevlar Carbon materials. Poke Boats are truly boats for a lifetime. They’re the boats you hand down to your children and grandchildren. Our goal is to make water sport accessible to everyone, from the young to the young-at-heart, our boats are lightweight and easy to maneuver. You’ll spend more time on the water and less time dealing with equipment. We offer a full 3-year warranty- unheard of in the personal watercraft industry. We pride ourselves on our happy customers (take a look below!) so we’re happy to help with anything you need for your boat. From repair advice to accessories, we talk with our oldest customers just as much as we do our new ones. You can rely on Poke Boat for decades to come.


Allen from California says:

“I’ve had my Poke Boat (Pokey) in Lake Tahoe and the Colorado river. Even though it’s a very old boat now (30 years old) and has had full-time exposure to the elements, it’s still in great shape and it’s one of the funnest boats I have.”

Clayton loves fishing in his boat:

“I have had a Poke Boat since 1990 and still use it heavily. Yes, I have needed to do a little patching but it is still a great boat. It’s lightweight has become ever more important as I have aged.”

clayton poke boat.jpg

Chris_Glazier (1).jpg

Chris knows how long these boats last:

“I’ve had 3 of them (Poke Boats) for over 30 years. The Suburban died after 317000 miles but the boats are still going.”