AquaCruiser LLC was established in 2018 to deliver premium watercraft to the fast-growing personal boat space. Our catalog is focused on the sport and leisure categories, with a vision toward expanding the options and versatility available to these enthusiasts.


Frank is an experienced and successful developer of True Fitness Technology, Inc. His vision of bringing innovation and technology together, paired with his passion for water activities, is how AquaCruiser LLC was born. As an entrepreneur, Frank has ventured into several industries, including fitness and refrigeration. He will continue to spearhead new product development and grow AquaCruiser LLC into a leader of personal watercraft.


Kevin is a strategic entrepreneur, focusing on business development. From incubation to management, his experience spans industries from fitness to finance. As a close business associate to Frank since the 1980s, Kevin has shared in the excitement of Frank's innovations, and took special interest in AquaCruiser LLC. Kevin's product development expertise has been paramount in the launch of AquaCruiser LLC. Working closely with Frank, Kevin will continue to lead and pioneer innovation for AquaCruiser LLC development.